Manicure March | Milani Nail Lacquer Texture in Lovely Lavender

Happy Thursday! Today I’m reviewing a polish from the limited edition Milani Nail Lacquer Texture collection. While this polish is no longer available, I still wanted to share it with you and have a discussion on nail polish trends. Textured nail polish was all the rage a few years ago. It took off with the OPI Liquid Sand range, and then really picked up with the Zoya PixieDust line. Soon brands all over the price spectrum were getting in on the textured trend. I absolutely loved textured polish, and I still do. However, I haven’t worn it in quite a while. I wanted to test out one of my Milani Texture polishes to see if the formula had changed over time, and if I would still rock a textured nail. Let me share Lovely Lavender with all of you!

Milani Nail Lacquer Texture in Lovely Lavender Milani Nail Lacquer Texture in Lovely LavenderLovely Lavender is a light purple polish with a creme texture formula. What this means is that there is no shimmer in the formula, so it looks like a creme polish, just with a textured finish. Lovely Lavender has an amazing formula. It applies smoothly and is opaque in two coats. I was really happy to discover that this formula has stood the test of time. It is not goopy or thick, and still applies beautifully. The reason I am stressing this is because one of my other Milani Texture polishes did dry out, but that might have been from a bottle that wasn’t fully closed. I’ll be testing some of the others in my collection to see how they are holding up, too.

All in all, I still really love Milani Texture in Lovely Lavender even though it’s not on trend any longer. I hope to wear my textured polishes more often, because I like how they look on me. I would love to hear in the comments if you still wear textured polish, or if you are glad the trend is over. Also let me know which nail polish trend you wish would come back!

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