Manicure March | Julep in Bergen

Happy Monday! Today I am reviewing another nail polish from the brand Julep. I own so many Julep nail polishes that sometimes I can’t even remember if I’ve ever used them. Bergen is one of those polishes, but when I searched my blog I found that I used it back in 2014 (see that post HERE)! I was interested to give this nail polish another swatch to see why it wasn’t memorable. Let me share a review of Bergen with you!

Julep in Bergen Julep in BergenBergen is a really unique nail polish. The shade is a silvery blue, and there is a silver shimmer running throughout the base. Bergen has a really good formula that is opaque in two coats. I recommend letting each coat dry completely before adding on another, as the polish can bunch up when it’s still tacky on the nail. Bergen is not the polish shade I typically reach for when doing my nails, but I have to say I really love it! I’ve decided to keep this one in my collection in hopes that I’ll wear it more often.

All in all, sometimes a nail polish isn’t very memorable when it’s just one of many in your collection. While that can mean it’s got a bad formula or a boring color, other times it’s just that the polish isn’t your usual cup of tea. I’m so glad I rediscovered Bergen from Julep. I own nothing else like it in my stash, and I’m glad it has a great formula. I’d love to know in the comments if you’ve ever found a nail polish in your collection and had no recollection of using it. Please tell me I’m not alone in doing that!

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  1. Nichole says:

    I have Bergen, and liked the color, but haven’t worn it since I got it because of the bunching you mentioned. Application trouble gets a polish relegated to the back of my stash with a swiftness. It looks so pretty here, though, that I may put a drop or two of thinner in it and give it another chance.

  2. Diane M Gooding says:

    A friend recently gifted me with 16 bottles of Julep polishes (she knows nail polish is my one guilty pleasure) and Bergen was the first one i tried. I have to admit it started chipping after 2 days, even with the topcoat I always use. But some weeks I am harder on my nails than others. I liked the color better on my nails than in the bottle. In the bottle it really looks more gray to me….and I tend to shy away from grays…but on my nails it leaned more towards the blue end. I”m definitely going to try it again before making a decison.

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