Dare to Compare | Julep Eloise vs Color Club Baldwin Blues vs ncLA Malibu Beach Babe

Happy Friday! It’s time for another round of Dare to Compare where I test out similar nail polishes to see if they are duplicates of one another. I am still working through all the blue polishes in my collection, and I can’t believe I own three indigo blues. While it’s evident just by looking at the polishes they are not going to be exact dupes, I still wanted to test these out together. Let’s take a look at these indigo blues both individually and side-by-side!

Julep – Eloise Julep – Eloise First up is Eloise, what Julep calls a smoky indigo creme. Eloise has a good formula that is opaque in two coats. It can be a bit on the streaky side, but it evens out nicely when it dries. I really like how richly pigmented Eloise is. It’s such a fall staple!

Color Club – Baldwin Blues Color Club – Baldwin BluesNext up is Baldwin Blues from the brand Color Club. I received this mini bottle in a Birchbox a few years back, and really love the deep indigo shade. The formula on this polish is excellent! It can be worn in one coat, but I did apply two in the photos above to really achieve a glossy finish. I absolutely love Baldwin Blues!

ncLA – Malibu Beach Babe ncLA – Malibu Beach BabeLast but not least is ncLA Malibu Beach Babe. This polish is more of a teal than an indigo, and is thus lighter in pigmentation. Malibu Beach Babe has an okay formula. I find that it is quite messy during application due to its watery formula. It’s definitely my least favorite of the bunch, and the most expensive.

Julep Eloise vs Color Club Baldwin Blues vs ncLA Malibu Beach Babe IMG_4056Here are the polishes side-by-side. From left to right are: Julep Eloise, Color Club Baldwin Blues, and ncLA Malibu Beach Babe. These polishes are all very similar, but none of them are dupes. My favorite of the bunch is definitely Baldwin Blues. It has the best formula of the three, and is also my favorite shade. Julep Eloise is also a good choice, but I don’t recommend Malibu Beach Babe. I will be destashing both of those to keep Baldwin Blues!

All in all, I was surprised to find three indigo polishes in my collection that are so similar! I wear this shade primarily in the fall months, so I’m glad I found the one perfect for me. You can purchase Baldwin Blues on Amazon HERE for a discounted price. As I’m writing this post it’s only $5.50! Definitely let me know in the comments if you have a favorite indigo shade. I would love your recommendation!

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  1. linda a. says:

    I have two polishes that would be classified as indigo. One is Sinful Colors Endless Blue which is technically thought of as a bright blue but on me it’s a dark, almost indigo for some reason. The other is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Pacific Blue, the new formula. The later is a nice indigo blue with shimmer. A very nice color for the holidays or for a wedding. I like Pacific Blue better than Endless Blue because Endless Blue is too dark on my nails and without any shimmer it resembles the look of ink.

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