September Empties | #365DaysofEmpties Update

Happy Friday! Now that September is coming to a close, it is time for an update on my #365DaysofEmpties project. September went by so quickly for me, and part of that is because I did some traveling in the middle of the month. Thankfully, I still emptied out a good amount of products! I’ve really been concentrating on using up products, and haven’t purchased anything new in a while. I hope to continue doing that for the rest of the year! Let me show you the products I did empty out this month!

September Empties | #365DaysofEmpties Update


Makeup Remvoer | September Empties

Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh Cleansing Facial Wipes – 1 travel pack [BUY]

  • Mini Review: I purchased this pack of wipes for my vacation in Los Angeles. I loved having this on my trip because they helped refresh my skin during the day, and also made for a simpler cleansing process at night when I was exhausted. I had a few left after my trip, so I took the pack home to finish.
  • Would I Buy it Again? Maybe! I liked these, but I do prefer the Yes to Cucumbers wipes.

ELF Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths – 1 pack [BUY]

  • Mini Review: At first I really loved these wipes because they are super soft and do an amazing job at removing all of my makeup. However, I then read the directions and noticed that you are supposed to rinse your face with water after using them! I know that makeup wipes are not supposed to substitute for washing your face, but many times I want to use them without needing to rinse afterwards. That extra step basically means the wipe is pointless for me.
  • Would I Buy it Again? Probably not.

Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads – 1 pack [BUY]

  • Mini Review: These pads are excellent at removing that stubborn eye makeup like mascara. That being said, I used these very rarely, and would like to find a vegan cleanser that is safe to use on the eyes so I don’t need an extra step like this in the future.


Makeup | September Empties

Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer – 1 sample [BUY]

  • Mini Review: I liked using this primer sample from Hourglass, but I’m not able to tell if I really like it based on one use. Perhaps I can try some more from my local Sephora at some point!
  • Would I Buy it Again? Not based on this one use.

Covergirl + Olay Concealer Balm – 1 tube [no longer available]

  • Mini Review: I did like this concealer, but it is definitely not the best quality. In fact, I think this is a discontinued product! I used up the entire tube because it did the job, but I wouldn’t buy it again even if it were vegan.


When on vacation I used up two travel sized body washes from my collection. Unfortunately I don’t have the bottles to show you, but I still wanted to give you mini reviews!

Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash – 1 bottle [BUY]

  • Mini Review: This is a good body wash that does not dry out the skin. I appreciate that it gives a nice clean without being harsh. This is also a good option if you do not like scented body washes!

Beauty Protector Beauty Wash Body Cleanser – 1 bottle [BUY]

  • Mini Review: This body wash smells absolutely amazing! I would have liked a bit more foam while washing, but I still felt clean afterwards. However, I do think this is a bit too expensive for what you get. A full size bottle is $16.00!



As September comes to a close, I am exactly on track to complete my goal of 100 empties in 2016! I am so proud of myself for really focusing on using up the products in my collection this year. I know I can get really excited about new product releases, and it can be difficult to refrain from splurging. That being said, if you would like to save some money, I definitely recommend giving yourself an empties challenge. It’s fun and it gets you to use your collection!

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