Disappointing Beauty Products | Fall 2016

Happy Monday! Today I want to share with you some beauty products that disappointed me this fall. While it’s fun to share my favorite things with you every month, I think it’s also really helpful to share the products that didn’t quite work for me. As always, it’s worth mentioning that while I don’t like these products, that doesn’t mean they won’t work for you! We all have different skin types, hair textures, and product preferences, so I will do my best to point out when I think a product’s qualities will be effective for someone other than myself. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the disappointing beauty products!

Disappointing Beauty Products | Fall 2016


The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter

The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter [BUY]

First up is a hair butter I purchased from The Body Shop. My hair type is really strange, and it’s difficult to find products that work for me. My scalp and hair are dry, but my hair also gets oily really easily. I thought the Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter would help to keep my hair moisturized, but unfortunately it is way too heavy for my thin hair. I experimented with this product, sometimes leaving it on for two minutes and others leaving it on for the suggested five. No matter what, my hair was always left with a really weird feeling that I didn’t like. Unless you have really, really dry hair, I’m not sure this product is worth the hefty price tag.

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo

Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak Refreshing Dry Shampoo [BUY]

My hunt for the perfect drugstore dry shampoo continues. This one from Not Your Mother’s really baffles me! I used a travel size one during my trip to Los Angeles, and I really enjoyed it, so I bought the full size when I got home. For some reason, it doesn’t work for me at all anymore! Clean Freak is supposed to instantly absorb excess oils, leave no residue, and give fresh volume to the hair. What I do like is that there is no white residue left on my hair when I use this product. Unfortunately, that is the only good thing about it! It doesn’t absorb oils, and instead it weighs down my hair and makes it look worse than it did in the first place. Basically, I feel like this dry shampoo does absolutely nothing for me.


The Body Shop Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator

The Body Shop Seaweed Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator [BUY]

Next up is a facial exfoliant that I also feel is quite ineffective. When I buy a face scrub, I want it to clean my pores and remove dead skin cells from my face. At first, I really liked this Seaweed exfoliator. It leaves my face feeling really clean and soft. However, I noticed that it does not remove the dead skin cells on my face at all! I still have a lot of dry patches when I use this product. Plus, it smells really weird. I’ll probably use up this bottle, but I will not be repurchasing it. I do recommend this if you want a really gentle scrub.


Milani EasyBrow Automatic Pencil

Milani EasyBrow Automatic Pencil [BUY]

I am always on the hunt for my perfect brow product, and unfortunately the Milani EasyBrow is not the one! I was drawn to purchase this because of the spoolie brush on the end (I’m a sucker for any brow product that includes a spoolie). While I do really enjoy the color match and staying power of this pencil, my issue is that I cannot get a precise line with it. The formula is very waxy and the pencil is soft, so getting a nicely shaped brow is difficult for me. My brows are very sparse, and I need to fill them in a lot to get my desired look. Thus, if you only need a bit of added definition, this product may work well for you.

ELF HD Lifting Concealer in Adjusting

ELF HD Lifting Concealer in Adjusting [BUY]

I’ve had my ups and downs with this color-correcting concealer from ELF. This was my first foray into color-correcting, so at first I thought this product was amazing. However, the more I use this concealer, the more I see its flaws. I purchased it to help cover the redness in my skin, but I find my skin absorbs the green pigmentation and the redness still shows through my final foundation routine. I’m glad I tested out this product, but I’m not happy with the results.

ELF Smudge Pot in Ain't That Sweet

ELF Smudge Pot in Ain’t That Sweet [BUY]

I got this cream eyeshadow as a free gift with my last ELF purchase. I knew this particular shadow wouldn’t be a favorite of mine because it is a pink glittery shade, but I was excited to see what the formula was like. I’m sad to report that the formula is not well done. Not only is the shadow extremely sheer, but it gathers and clumps when I attempt to apply it. The shadow also flakes off and contains some chunky glitter. This is just not a product I can recommend to anyone!

ELF Volumizing & Defining Mascara in Jet Black

ELF Volumizing & Defining Mascara in Jet Black [BUY]

Last but not least is my biggest disappointment of the bunch. I has such high hopes for this mascara from ELF, but it let me down. This mascara is very thick and heavy, and leaves my lashes really crispy. The worst thing, though, is this mascara gives me the uni-lash! In other words, my lashes all stick together in one bunch. That is just not okay with me. I tried to make it through the three month time period for this mascara, but I can’t do it. I’m happy to toss this now!

That wraps up all of my beauty product disappointments for the fall 2016 season. I hope you found this helpful if you were curious about any of these products. As I mentioned at the beginning, just because I don’t like these products doesn’t mean they won’t be beneficial for someone else. I still love shopping from all of these brands, but sometimes there are a few duds. Here’s to discovering the next awesome beauty product!

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know how they worked for you!

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  1. Katie says:

    I don’t know if it would be considered drug store or not (you can find it in some Walgreens I think), but my go to dry shampoo is Batiste. It comes in different fragrances AND a red, blonde and brunette formula for those with colored hair to help conceal root exposure for longer! I love it so much and I use it frequently – it’s perfect for my thick and oily hair when I don’t have time to wash it.

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