Amy’s Rice Mac & Cheeze Review | Vegan & Gluten Free Mac and Cheese

Happy Food Friday! Today I am excited to share a review of the Amy’s Rice Mac & Cheeze with you. A few weeks back I had a craving for boxed macaroni and cheese. Yes, boxed mac and cheese specifically! I know there are some vegan varieties out there, but unfortunately my local grocery store doesn’t carry any. I luckily spotted the Amy’s Rice Mac & Cheeze in the freezer section, and internally squealed with joy! My mac and cheese craving was about to be conquered!

This box was a bit expensive at $3.69, especially when compared to what boxed mac and cheese normally costs, but it was worth it for a special treat! Amy’s Rice Mac & Cheeze is not only vegan, but it is gluten free and soy free as well, so it’s great if you have a lot of food allergies. This is, of course, a junk food, and it is very high in fat at a whopping 22 grams. Luckily, it has 8 grams of protein, which I think is pretty good for this small container. Once I got home I noticed that the product is made using Daiya cheese. I think Daiya has a very specific and acquired taste, so I was a bit nervous about how this would be. Luckily, I really enjoyed it!

Here is what the Mac & Cheeze looks like once it is cooked. I used the microwave, but it can also be made in a conventional oven. It may not look that appetizing, but it’s quite delicious and definitely satisfied my mac and cheese craving! I love how creamy the sauce is, and the pasta has a nice texture to it. I don’t think I’ve ever had rice pasta before, but it’s really tasty in this dish. I wouldn’t say this tastes exactly like non-vegan mac and cheese, but it is a close substitute for sure.

You can tell I am a big fan of this product because I repurchased it the next time I went to the grocery store! This time I added some sautéed broccoli and chickpeas to the pasta to add some more nutrients. It was absolutely delicious! I will definitely be experimenting with this more in the future. I bet there are a lot more combinations that would taste great and also make the meal a bit healthier.

All in all, I’m very happy with the Amy’s Rice Mac & Cheeze! If you need to satisfy a mac and cheese craving, this is a great way to go. I will be sure to buy this again in the future, but I’m also hoping my grocery store will get a boxed vegan mac and cheese, since that will be a more affordable option. I also plan to try to make my own mac and cheese at home, but sometimes I just love the boxed variety!

What is your favorite vegan mac and cheese? Let me know in the comments!


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