Zoya Nail Polish Wanderlust Collection for Summer 2017

Happy Monday! Today I’m excited to share with you the Wanderlust Collection from Zoya Nail Polish. This nail polish line celebrates summer adventures with twelve new shades, including four shimmers and eight creams. Whether you like bright pinks or earthy greens, the Wanderlust Collection has a polish for you. Let me share with you swatches and my full review of this vegan nail polish line!

All of the swatches in this post are photographed in natural sunlight. I am wearing two coats of nail polish in each swatch, and no top coat.

First up is Sonja, a bright red with a cream formula. Sonja applies well and dries to a high-gloss finish without the need for a top coat. I like that the red shade leans towards pink, as I feel it compliments my fair skin tone well. If you’re not a fan of the traditional red manicure, this brighter option is a lot of fun!

Next is Byrdie, a fuchsia nail polish with a cream formula. This polish also applies evenly, and I really like the purple undertones in this shade. Byrdie is a great nail polish to transition you from summer to fall since the pink is a bit deep in tone.

If you are looking for more of a true pink, try Esty. While Esty is not a big change from Byrdie, it doesn’t have the same purple undertones. Zoya describes Esty as a bubblegum pink, and I definitely agree! I’m getting Barbie vibes from this polish!

The last pink polish in the Wanderlust Collection with a cream formula is Winnie. I am obsessing over this bright, watermelon shade! Winnie is one of my favorite polishes in the collection. I think the bright pink is a ton of fun, and would make a great pedicure shade as well. Plus, I think this polish will look beautiful with any skin tone.

Next up is Cora, the first of two orange creams in the collection. Zoya describes Cora as a muted coral, but on me it appears as a bright orange. This polish is so summery, and I can see it being used in a lot of nail art looks as well as on its own. If you are a fan of orange nails, Cora is a must have for you!

The other orange shade is Sawyer, a pastel orange cream. I’m a huge fan of Sawyer, as I think it makes orange extremely easy to wear even if you’re not a fan of bright colors. This polish reminds me of one of my all-time favorite Zoya polishes in Cole, but Sawyer is a bit more pigmented. If you’ve never worn an orange polish before, Sawyer is a great place to start!

The Wanderlust Collection contains four shimmer polishes, and I am beyond impressed with their formulas. First up is River, a cobalt blue shade. As with all of the shimmers in this line, River has a great formula that applies smoothly and evenly, and is opaque in two coats. I don’t typically go for metallic nail polishes, but River is so stunning that I can see myself wearing this again!

My favorite shimmer is Mandy, a bright berry pink. I absolutely love how multi-dimensional these polishes look on the nails. They are perfect for summer because they really come alive in the sunlight! Mandy’s fun shade is great for the fall months, too.

I’m also loving Journey, which is a red shimmer polish. Journey shifts towards gold in the sunlight, and the result is gorgeous. I love watching this polish go from pink to red to gold. Journey is quite a unique nail polish, and I’m excited to add it to my collection!

The last shimmer polish is Scout, a moss green shade. Scout is my least favorite polish in the collection, simply because the color is not for me. It still has a great formula, but I do not see myself wearing this polish on its own. I think the shade just clashes with my skin tone!

That being said, I really love Arbor, an olive green cream polish. Arbor has a rich pigmentation that is absolutely perfect for fall. I can see it matching with camouflage jackets and jeans as the weather gets cooler. Arbor is a great addition to the Wanderlust Collection, as it rounds out the summer perfectly.

Last but not least is Lois, a medium purple cream. Zoya describes Lois as a magenta violet, and I can see the pink undertones softening this shade. I think Lois is another nail polish that transitions well from summer to fall, and will look great with any skin tone.

All in all, I’m loving the Wanderlust Collection from Zoya Nail Polish! I’m quite impressed with the wide range of shades and formulas in this line. My favorite polishes are Winne and Mandy, but they all have excellent formulas. You can purchase the Wanderlust Collection on Zoya’s website HERE. Polishes are $10 each, but make sure to keep an eye on Zoya’s social media for sales and coupons.

What is your favorite nail polish in the Wanderlust Collection? Let me know in the comments!

The products in this post were provided for my unbiased review. All opinions are my own. See my Disclosure Policy for more information.

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