Zoya Nail Polish Kisses Collection | Special Edition Pastel Jellies

Happy Friday! Today I have a full review of the Kisses Collection from Zoya Nail Polish to share with you. This Special Edition Collection contains three nail polishes that Zoya calls Pastel Jellies. Each polish is a pastel shade with a jelly formula – a sheer, milky color with a super shiny finish. Jellies are perfect polishes for layering, and wear well with other polishes, such as glitters and top coats. When you purchase a polish from the Kisses Collection, Zoya will provide its polish Leia for free! This post will share swatches of each polish in the Kisses Collection on its own, and paired with Leia.

The products in this post were provided for my unbiased review. All opinions are my own. See my Disclosure Policy for more information.

The swatches in this blog post are worn with a base coat and no top coat. I wore three coats of nail polish in each swatch. The polishes have the same great formula, and apply very smoothly to the nails. I find that the jelly formula dries quite quickly and evenly. Please note that these polishes are designed to be sheer, and you will not get an opaque finish on the nails.

First up is Vickie, a light purple nail polish that leans towards a cool grey. I’m not a big fan of how Vickie looks on its own with my skin tone, as it almost looks as if my nails have turned purple after being freezing cold! That being said, I think Vickie would look stunning on deeper skin tones. I also love how it looks when combined with Leia! You can really see the purple shift in Leia when it is layered over Vickie.

Next up is Libby, a lavender polish with pink undertones. I really like how Libby looks on my nails. This is the perfect color to transition from winter to spring! Of course, Leia also looks beautiful when layered over Libby. I love how you get a ton of sparkle with just one layer of Leia.

Last but not least is Princess, a bright pink jelly polish. Princess is definitely my favorite polish in the Kisses Collection. The bright pink is a ton of fun on its own, and really comes to life when Leia is layered on top. In fact, the finished result reminds me of a non-vegan polish I used to adore in college!

That wraps up my swatches and review of the Zoya Nail Polish Kisses Collection. Overall, I think this is a fun line if you are looking for some high quality and vegan jelly nail polishes. I think it is great that every Kisses purchase comes with a free Leia, too. You can purchase the Kisses Collection on Zoya’s website HERE. Each polish retails for $10, but keep your eye on Zoya’s social media for coupon codes and specials.

Will you be purchasing any polishes from the Kisses Collection? Let me know in the comments!