Urban Outfitters Freakin Pink — My Favorite Clearance Find Ever!

Happy Tuesday! As you know, Adventures in Polishland is dedicated to fabulous and affordable nails, so I am always hunting for nail polish bargains. A few weeks back I got an email from Urban Outfitters letting me know it was time for the 50% off clearance sale. That means that everything on clearance was an additional 50% off the sale price. I headed to the nearest store and found that several nail polishes were marked down to just $0.49 with the extra discount! I had to grab a few for myself, and I am so glad I did. Let me share with you my favorite clearance find of all time!





Here is Freakin Pink in all its glory! Not only is this polish a neon, bubblegum pink, but it dries to a matte finish! I surely did not expect this polish to have a matte look, but it was a fantastic surprise. Plus, Freakin Pink has an amazing formula that applies with ease. It is opaque in two coats, and doesn’t require top coat due to its unique finish. Freakin Pink is perfect for the summer and is on trend with the neon craze!

All in all, I love everything about this polish, from its bright color to its colorful name! I am beyond happy to have found this polish in the clearance section at Urban Outfitters for just $0.49, especially when the regular price is $5! Talk about fabulous and affordable nails! You can still find Freakin Pink online for the regular price as part of the Urban Outfitters Basics Collection HERE. Stop by your local store to see if you can snatch one up for a discounted price, too!



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