About Adventures in Polishland

Welcome to Adventures in Polishland! My name is Christina and I am a twenty-something who loves nail polish, beauty products, and books. During my senior year of college, a friend mentioned out of the blue that she “read the nail blogs,” and I decided that I wanted to start writing my own. I’ve always loved bright colors and funky nail polishes, and with the help of Pinterest I’ve discovered many new nail trends and techniques. As a recent law school graduate, I have an extremely tight budget. That’s why Adventures in Polishland showcases how I can have a fabulous and affordable life, and shares tips on how you can, too. Join me as I review products, experiment with new hobbies, and simply enjoy the world of Polishland!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your nails real?

Yes! My nails are all natural. I have never had fake nails, and I never plan to get them!

How can I prevent my nails from breaking?

Use a strengthening base coat! I like Sally Hansen Double Duty. Also, make sure you stay hydrated. Nails break when they are dry and brittle.

I have an idea for a manicure. Can you try it out for me?

I do accept requests, but I have the final word on what manicures are featured on Adventures in Polishland. Nonetheless, use the Review Request Form to send me any ideas you may have.

Do you buy all of the products on your blog?

Unless otherwise disclosed at the end of the blog post, I buy all of the products you see on Adventures in Polishland. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.

I just started a blog. How can I get free stuff?

Blogging is a great way to share your passions with the world. Build your brand and new opportunities will come your way. That being said, blog because you enjoy it – not because you want freebies!

Why do you have your comments set to approvals only? 

I get a lot of spam comments! I want to ensure that the comments that show up on my website are from actual readers like you, and not a spam bot trying to get you to click on a link. I check my comments multiple times per day, and always accept comments from readers. Comments that perpetuate negativity, attack me or my readers, or are cyber-bullying in any way will not be approved.

Why was my comment edited?

Adventures in Polishland is a spam-free blog. Any comment that includes a link will not be posted unless it is a genuine comment. Links are removed by me for the safety of my readers. This includes blog links. Thank you for understanding.


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